20 Absurd Reasons People Decided To Call Their Marriage Quits

Marriage isn't easy, and sometimes, a couple decides the healthiest thing to do is file for divorce and go their separate ways. It's always a sad decision leaving someone you once loved, but in the end, it's almost always for the best.

The reasons behind a divorce can vary: money, infidelity, simply growing apart—the list goes on. But in some cases, the reasoning seems a little too outrageous to actually warrant ending a marriage. You'll be blown away by these absurd reasons why some couples called it quits!

1. In 1997, a woman living in California won $1.3 million playing the lottery, but she never told her husband. Instead, she filed for divorce, hoping she could keep all the money herself. However, when the truth came out, a judge awarded every cent to her husband because she violated a state asset disclosure law. Ouch!

2. If you thought that was bad, in 2009, a woman from Germany was fed up of her husband's obsessive cleaning habit and filed for divorce. What exactly was the final straw? The husband knocked a wall down in their home because he claimed it was dirty! Can you believe that?

3. Political views can be polarizing. One woman from California ended her 22-year marriage after she discovered her husband voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election. She simply couldn't stand the thought of being with someone who supported any of Trump's controversial world views.

4. Four months after one New York couple wed in 1994, the husband secretly divorced his wife during a solo trip to the Dominican Republic. He blew his cover 22 years later when she noticed her name wasn't on their home's deed. He claimed he was trying to protect her assets, but now she's currently trying to nullify the divorce and legally split from him in New York.

5. One 34-year-old Algerian man divorced his 28-year-old bride merely days after their wedding because he saw her without makeup. He claimed she looked so unrecognizable after she washed the cosmetics off that he actually thought she as a burglar who broke in!

6. This breakup may be one of the most bizarre. An unhappy husband in Italy divorced his wife over claims that she was possessed by the devil. The woman had apparently exhibited strange behavior, such as body-stiffening and self-levitation, for several years!

7. A woman named Rashida Lucas actually divorced her husband because she thought he was "too nice." Apparently, he said "I love you" too frequently, and she gained weight because he was a great cook. How… terrible?

8. In 2015, a Nigerian woman filed for divorce because she apparently was having problems with the size of her husband's "member." She tried taking medication for the problem, but it didn't work.

9. Finding out your spouse had a secret lover is always recipe for disaster. A 99-year-old Italian man called his 70-year marriage quits after he came across love letters his wife wrote to a secret lover in the 1940s. She apparently begged for forgiveness, but he wasn't willing to give it.

10. In 2007, a Russian man named Andrei Karpov ran out of money at a poker table—so he bet his wife! Well, he lost, and his wife willingly left him for the new man who "won" her heart.

11. You'd never think an animated movie would cause a marriage to crumble, but for one Japanese woman, she ended her six-year marriage because her husband didn't enjoy the Disney film Frozen!

12. A Chinese man named Jian Feng filed for divorce after he found out his wife had over $100,000 of plastic surgery and looked completely different before the procedures. He noticed something was fishy when none of their children resembled her at all.

13. Too much plastic surgery will apparently put your marriage in jeopardy, but so will lying about your age. One man from China couldn't handle the fact his wife lied about her age before they wed, so he ended their 10-year matrimony. Ouch!

14. A lot of couples use pet names for each other to show their love, but when one man discovered he was in his wife's phone under the name "Guantanamo," he immediately filed for divorce.

15. In order to please his wife in the bedroom, a Russian man named Grigory Toporov had enhancement surgery on his nether region. However, during one particularly wild bedroom romp, the extension broke off—and his wife divorced him soon after.

16. More than one couple have seen their relationship fall apart due to bedroom angst. One husband lost his wife because he discovered she was reading the book 50 Shades of Grey. He suggested they replicate some of the raunchier scenes of the book to help their ailing love life, but he apparently refused to compromise with his wife's suggestions.

17. In China, a woman became suspicious of her husband's fidelity after she heard their pet parrot repeating words like "divorce" and "be patient." After confronting him, he admitted to having an affair!

18. Parrots aren't the only animals to prevent happy relationships. One man was forced to call it quits because he couldn't handle the fact his wife had too many cats… 550 of them, to be exact!

19. When one woman noticed that her husband never changed his Facebook relationship status from"single" to "married," she filed for divorce. She later admitted she never really trusted him from the start.

20. This absurd reason for divorce may just take the cake: one woman left her husband after he became so enthralled with the computer game World of Warcraft that he stopped doing chores and paying bills.

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