15 Words We’ve Probably Been Saying Wrong Our Whole Lives

The fact that we’re going mispronouncing common words is inevitable, so why not turn it into something relatable. How? Below we share a list of the most commonly mispronounced words on the planet—don’t worry almost EVERYONE has made these mistakes at least once a day, so you won’t ever be judged!

1. Espresso

Pronounced exactly as it looks with an ‘S’ phoneme, this word is commonly mispronounced as “expresso.” Perhaps the word “express” got us in the habit of this mispronunciation.


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2. Cache

“Cache” is simply pronounced like “cash,” but some pronounce this word like “cash-ay.” Others pronounce this word as “catch.”


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3. Supposedly

“Supposedly” is pronounced as it looks. Simple. Still, we often pronounce it as “supposably.” (Join the club if you use the latter!)


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4. Yolk

Some letters in the English language are silent while others that we’d think would be are not. The latter is the case for “yolk;” the ‘L’ is meant to be pronounced. Most pronounce this word as “yoke,” silencing the ‘L’ completely. On the contrary, some dialects suggest leaving out the ‘L’ phoneme is acceptable. It sure can get complicated, right? All of a sudden, I don’t know how to pronounce “yolk” anymore.


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5. Figure

“Figure” is at times pronounced “fig-er” rather than its correct pronunciation, “fig-yer.” Still, it’s usually one of those terms you can slide by with mispronouncing.


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6. Et cetera

Probably a good chunk of us change the ‘T’ phoneme to sound like an ‘X’ in “et cetera.” (According to the associated image, it appears that saying “ex cetera” refers to something completely different—just thought it would be good to point out…) Some may even pronounce it as “ek cetera.” Plenty of us even mix up its abbreviation, “ect” instead of the correct “etc.”


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7. Mayonnaise

“Man-ayse” or “may-on-ayse,” which do you say? The true pronunciation is the second, but likely one reason we resort to the first is that it has fewer syllables and is easier to say. But because I’m lazy, and don’t like to be told that I’m wrong, I’ll just stick to “mayo” because I’m sure there’s no way to mispronounce THAT.


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8. Library

Most of us are well aware that library is pronounced as it appears, but we often leave out the first ‘r’ due to it’s more difficult pronunciation. Anyone wanna hit up the libARY?


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9. Spay

When it comes to the phrase “spay and neuter,” for some reason, some of us (I did this as a kid) call it “spayed and neuter.” Why this happens, I’ll never know.


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10. Comfortable

Pronounced exactly as it is spelled, some of us pronounce this word as “comf-ter-ble,” changing the “or” to “ter” and “t-able” to “ble.”


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11. Prescription

For some reason, with the prefix “pre-,” we seem to change it to “per-.” We sometimes say “perscription” instead of “prescription.” The same thing happens when the beginning is meant to be pronounced a “per;” we may say “preformance” instead of “performance.”


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12. Silicon

Silicon (-con rhyming with lawn), silicone (-cone rhyming with blown), same thing, right? The pronunciation matters.


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13. February

Again with the ‘r’ scenario. We often leave out an extra ‘r’ if it makes pronunciation too difficult. Many of us say “Febuary.”


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14. Sherbet

“Sherbet” is pronounced “shur-bit.” However, many say “shur-burt,” adding an extra ‘r.’ Some even say “shur-bay” or “shur-bet.” Then, there are some who confuse “sorbet” and “sherbet.” This is just one of those words no one ever gets right.


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15. Pronunciation

The correct way to say this word is “pro-nun-see-aye-shun,” but we tend to pronounce it as “pro-noun-see-aye-shun,” often spelling it as “pronounciation.” Likely the reason for this mispronunciation is because the verb of “pronunciation” is “pronounce.”


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Of course, there was a point in time where you incorrectly pronounced at least some of the 15 words above (unless you’re an English-speaking genius!). In my own case, I can confirm I have mispronounced at least 14 of them at some point in my life, particularly during childhood. (Don’t judge.)

You have to admit, though, that seeing a list of some of the most commonly mispronounced English words is relieving. It’s great to know that you’re not the only one.

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