Bikers Heard Marine’s Remains Were Being Sent Home In UPS Box, But They Refuse To Let That Happen.

The story also involves a sergeant by the name of Jonathan Turner who served seven years in the military, being in active duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. This brave man died for his country while in California. Unfortunately, his family was unable to travel from their hometown of Georgia for his funeral—and that is when members of the PGR stepped in. They wanted to make sure that Jonathan’s body made its way to his family in a dignified manner, as the initial plan was to send his body home via FedEx.

“The California Patriot Guard Riders contacted all of the state captains from California to Georgia and explained the situation, that it wasn’t proper to ship this war hero home via FedEx,” Jeff Goodiel of the Georgia PGR said. “Within days, a convoy was assembled with each state’s Patriot Guard Riders driving Turner’s cremated remains across their state and then passing those remains off to the next group of riders.”

The trip was said to be the longest of its kind and involved hundreds of volunteers. “It’s heartwarming, to see all these people here,” said Annie Glanton, Turner’s mother, “I know that he was loved by a lot of people.”

This fantastic story just proves that there really are some selfless, kind-hearted people out there that truly make this world a better place.

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